Gastronomy to
feet of the Alhambra

The team, led by Javier Feixas, Chef and Lidia Outeda, service and wine director, appeals to TRADITION and CULTURE, achieving the ideal symbiosis to cause the necessary EMOTION to the diner.

Traditional Granada cuisine that in Feixas dreams is slightly transformed to extol the product, extract the deepest flavor and leave its small mark on the memory. The complete experience can be lived in Faralá through La Casa del Arte Flamenco where you can feel this wonderful dance through the most representative artists of the genre, not only locally but internationally.

A beautiful corner of Granada

A restaurant at the foot of the Alhambra, where art and light combine perfectly in a select and cozy atmosphere, perfect to live an unforgettable dining experience.

Enjoy the province in every bite, its history, its past and intangible heritage that Andalusia keeps within itself, an influence not as far as all those peoples that one day forged our land.