Tradition | Emotion | Culture

Faralá restaurant embodies the goblin and the magic of Granada art. A culture, a spirit forged by centuries of history, roots and blood, of the gypsies race…


A restaurant with personality

And with all this, the Chef Feixas, struggling in his kitchens and absorbed in his reveries, has breathed those winds from the mountains, highlands, western and valleys, and drunk from those waters from Genil river and Alborán Sea to carry out the deep craft of shaping his dreams into Faralá: A special journey of nostalgia and reflection, of stopping to look at the nature of Granada, its history and its culture. Influenced by its landscapes and its architecture, by its orchards and bakeries, by the water that flows through reservoirs, canals, springs and rivers.

For its mountains populated with cattle, aromatic herbs and game, for its creatures from the sea and its tropical fruits. Essential supplies for Feixas´s cooking without which it would not be possible.

If we had to be born again, we would definitely choose Granada again. Magic, light and art to discover.