Tradition | Emotion | Culture

Faralá restaurant embodies “duende” and magic art of Granada. A culture, a spirit forged by centuries of history, roots and blood, of the flamenco gipsy race…

In flamenco singing, the “quejío” (moan, lament) is the deepest expression of emotion, surpasses words and it turns into an echo of the soul.

We invite you to know our ground floor El Quejio Wine Bar, where our chef Juan Pedro Ortiz show you a coking with joy, to share, brimming with flavours, emories and friendship.

Our mission is to make every one of your visits an emotional journey, filled with the aromas and flavors in every sip and every bite.

We invite you to savor the pleasure in wine.

A restaurant with personality

Juan P. Ortiz, chef and kitchen manager, after years of working with the biggest national references at Estimar, José Álvarez’s La Costa restaurant or Quique Dacosta’s Deesa he introduces his culinary project from the stoves at Faralá to bring Grenadian produce to its rightful place in the gastronomic scene.

“>Lidia Outeda, our front of house manager, from Seville, born and raised in the industry had the chance to enjoy gastronomy like no others could from a very short age. Constant learner, she’s worked at some of the greatest restaurants in Seville and Mallorca. With her eyes looking at Granada, she has joined this exciting project called Faralá, where day by day with a smile and professionalism takes our customer’s experience to a whole new level.


If we had to be born again, we would definitely choose Granada again. Magic, light and art to discover.